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Floor Plans

Build and Plot Sizes:

  • 13,843ft² - 1286m² Build

  • 12.5 acres - 50585.71m² Land

East Herts Planning References:

  • Original application granted 3/19/1596/FUL

  • Revised application granted 3/20/0788/VAR

  • Discharge of conditions X/20/0026/CND

  • Cert of Lawful development 3/20/1365/CLXU

Ground Floor

Base Floor

First Floor

Location plan

The wide expanse of glazing maximises the panoramic views across the High Rib Valley and the Wyddial Plateau.

Westmill is a picturesque village situated in the East of Hertfordshire, surrounded by beautiful countryside. 

Lasting Impact

The Center of Innovation