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 Concept spaces

A private oasis with an abundance of space to relax, unwind and enjoy.

This concept shows the potential for Tennis/Paddle Court, a sunken football pitch and equestrian facilities.

A picturesque view of Aura Westmill's outdoor swimming pool, a place of serenity and relaxation amid the grandeur of the property.
Elevated view of Aura Westmill's pool, looking towards the inviting sun loungers, perfectly placed for ultimate relaxation and sunbathing.
Full view of Aura Westmill's sparkling pool area, with an expansive view towards the eastern edge of the property, showcasing the elegant symmetry and luxury outdoor living space
Aerial shot of Aura Westmill's professionally-lit tennis courts, surrounded by the lush green landscape of the property, showcasing the opportunity for an active lifestyle amidst luxury
Aerial view of the well-manicured full-size football pitch at Aura Westmill, with a modern helicopter gracefully parked in the background, demonstrating the property's vast expanses and recreational facilities
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