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Contemporary meets countryside

Where architecture integrates with nature to create different, distinct spaces. Structures that develop from the inside to the outside, capturing the landscape, incorporating it into the building and creating the ideal living spaces.

Aura sits within 12.5 acres surrounded by uninterrupted panoramic  views.
A beautiful field, a love for any equestrian.

View overlooking the top pod of Aura Westmill with the tranquil swimming pool in the foreground, surrounded by comfortable outdoor seating and a stylish coffee table.
Image of a circular fire pit seating area, with a view towards the top pod of Aura Westmill showcasing the expansive glass sliding doors.
Aerial drone shot of Aura Westmill's proposed grounds featuring the future tennis courts, a full-size football pitch, helipad, swimming pool, and the poolside out-house.
Ground-level front view of Aura Westmill, showcasing the magnificent three-tiered architecture.
View of the full-size football pitch at Aura Westmill, with a helicopter landing near the tennis courts in the background.
View of Aura Westmill's double sunken tennis courts, complete with floodlighting for evening matches.
Close-up view of Aura Westmill's personal helicopter, prominently positioned on the property's helipad.
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