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Sitting Room

Contemporary Living

Where living combines with dining and blends seamlessly.

A glass wall of doors expedites the stunning landscape.

Interior view of Aura Westmill's spacious living room, featuring a sightline towards the elegant dining table, accentuated by modern chandeliers. The image highlights the stylish interior design and open layout of this luxury Hertfordshire property.
Interior perspective of Aura Westmill's refined living room focusing on a stunning black grand piano. The image depicts the blend of classic elegance and contemporary design that defines this luxurious Hertfordshire property.
Panoramic view of Aura Westmill's spacious living room, showcasing modern rounded couches and offering an overlook of the enticing outdoor pool. The image accentuates the harmonious integration of indoor comfort and outdoor leisure in this luxurious Hertfordshire property.
Stunning view from Aura Westmill's grand living room, with a perspective that includes the sleek black grand piano, modern rounded couches, elegant dining table, and contemporary chandeliers, all framed by the breathtaking southeast countryside views. The image emphasizes the seamless blend of luxurious indoor living and inspiring outdoor vistas characteristic of this exquisite Hertfordshire property.
Captivating corner view from Aura Westmill's spacious living room, displaying both stunning southeast countryside views. The image reinforces the property's design ethos of integrating luxurious interiors with serene natural surroundings, characteristic of this sophisticated Hertfordshire home.
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