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Terrace & Balconies

You're spoilt for choice with the outdoor space, you can choose to unwind around the sunken fire pit, from your own private balcony or simply relax aside the pool.

No matter where you choose to relax, Aura encompasses it’s surroundings and promotes a real sense of wellbeing and calm.

A panoramic view of Aura Westmill, capturing the bedrooms' pod, the top-level living area with a grand piano and lounge space, and the green, garden-topped flat roof.
An upward view of Aura Westmill, captured while approaching the grandeur of the property via the driveway.
A stunning evening perspective of the inviting fire pit at Aura Westmill, with glowing flames under the open sky.
A serene view from the terrace of Aura Westmill, peering into the tranquil and luxurious master bedroom.
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